Teaching and Learning

Those who know do, those who understand teach. (Aristotle)

I have been teaching as a University Professor since 1998.

After setting up a private University, which was accredited as the Fachhochschule Schwäbisch Hall, I started teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1998.

In 2005 I was moving to Mexico, teaching at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

2006 I moved back to Europe where I was heading up the academic activity at IED in Milan.

From 2007 I started to teach at Macromedia University, where I started to be the Dean in 2008.

From 2013 to Feb. 2020 I was the president of the University

During these years I was always teaching on the graduate level.

In March 2021 I took a professorship at the Mobile-University.de

Teaching is the most rewarding learning setting you can choose. Since teaching requires to explicate what usually is in a tacit stage.

This luxury is more then you can expect from a working environment. Through out the years and decades of teaching I have been moving through various disciplines, reflecting, art, creation, designing, processes and methods.

During my PhD I was deeply looking into the art of creating a discipline like design. Design is not given, it is done by the community of people, who make up the design theory community.

There the participants in the discourse are wording each other into the reality of design. They design design together in a discursively designing design.